See Your Future in 21 Days

see futureSee Your Future in 21 Days: 21-Day D-I-Y Program for Prophecy

Can a 21-day, d-i-y program bring you happiness, prophecy, help you meet with your Guardian Angel, excel in academics, meet with your destined lover, discover your talents, find a better job, predict soccer matches, save you from automobile accidents, become successful, and grow spiritually?

After over 40 years of applying spiritual techniques in the pursuit of career, love, wellness, and true happiness, James has developed an easy-to-follow, 21-day program that is helping people around the world to see their future, improve their career, enhance self-confidence, find love, dream consciously, receive Inner Guidance, and live a happier life.

Since the first edition was published in 2014, astounding miracles have been reported by those who read the book and practiced the 21-day program. Some of their stories are featured in this all new, international Expanded Edition.

See Your Future in 21 Days reveals vital, age-old secrets hitherto known to only a few Masters, Saints, Gurus, and Guardians. The narration flows in a breezy, colorful, and engaging manner, featuring techniques distilled from over four decades of conscious communing with Guardians, generously spiced with over 30 true stories of those who have applied themselves to the program, including “How I Met My Husband in a Dream” by the author's wife.

Spiritual Techniques:
+Spiritual Eye Technique (SET). A technique developed by the Ancient Masters, the SET opens the Spiritual Eye (and Ear too). And it's as simple as child's play.
+How to Dream Consciously.
+How to Remember your Dreams.
+How to Invite and Meet with your Guardian Angel.
+How to See the Future.
+How to Change Bad Prophecy.
+Spiritual Healing.
+How to Excel in Academics.
+Holy Word for Spiritual Protection.
+Holy Word for Wisdom and Guidance.
+7-day Spiritual Transformation Exercise.
+How to Develop your own Language of Communication with Spirit.
+How to Overcome Depression and Challenging Life Situations.
+Technique for Overcoming Fear and Boosting Self-Confidence.
+Several other exclusive techniques that will empower you spiritually and materially.

True Life Stories:
+The Catalyst: James is Saved by a Guardian from being Shot by Four Robbers.
+"How I Met My Husband in a Dream" by Mrs James.
+Home-made Love Charm.
+NUTASA President: An Angel prophesies James will be Student Association national president two years before it actually happens.
+Holy Fire Encounter.
+Fake Prophet; Fake Spirits. Encounter with a Prophet dealing in magical phenomena.
+Soul Journey to Future College.
+Vanessa: How a Vision on the wall saves James from a disastrous Relationship.
+Spiritual Help in Class: How a Guardian guides James to score 'A' in class.
+Doctor Holy Spirit: Story of prophecy, diet, and Spiritual Healing.
+Anna's Heavenly Encounter: A Catholic lady meets a famous Guardian Angel.
+Gloria's Marital Woes: Her marriage collapses; but whats more devastating is knowing who's behind it all.
+Tina, the Thomas: A Guardian Angel delivers Tina from daemonic bondage.
+Sunday or Tuesday: How the Holy Spirit gives future info on a financial matter.
+Saved from Auto Crash: A trip to the future saves James from automobile accident.
+Razaq Gets His Miracle: Two Guardians in a dream Mosque heal Razaq of a lingering heart disease.
+Alice Sees Her Future Family.
+More exciting, inspiring, and 100% true stories.

See Your Future in 21 Days is a life companion. People across the world are using it to lift themselves from a crushing ordinary life, to the realm of the extraordinary where true Love, Freedom, and Power flow.

You can also connect with the author and share your experiences.

This is a Gift from God and the Guardians.

Treasure it!