See Your Future in 21 Days

see futureSee Your Future in 21 Days: 21-Day D-I-Y Program for Prophecy

Can a 21-day, d-i-y program bring you happiness, prophecy, help you meet with your Guardian Angel, excel in academics, meet with your destined lover, discover your talents, find a better job, predict soccer matches, save you from automobile accidents, become successful, and grow spiritually?

After over 40 years of applying spiritual techniques in the pursuit of career, love, wellness, and true happiness, James has developed an easy-to-follow, 21-day program that is helping people around the world to see their future, improve their career, enhance self-confidence, find love, dream consciously, receive Inner Guidance, and live a happier life.

Since the first edition was published in 2014, astounding miracles have been reported by those who read the book and practiced the 21-day program. Some of their stories are featured in this all new, international Expanded Edition.

Nigeria, I Prophesy

prophesyNigeria, I Prophesy: Shocking Secrets & Prophecies: 1990 - 2114

Between 2010 and 2017, James spent his days and nights in solitude in remote places he calls 'the wilderness'. He was fully engaged in contemplation, fasting 3 days a week, and spiritual explorations, during which he established and maintained contact with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.  

At 5.30 pm on January 24, 2015, he witnessed a coup being plotted in the Spirit Realm which was to be executed in the physical after the General Elections of March, 2015. He and the Guardians intervened to save Nigeria from what would have been massive bloodshed and another civil war.  

Subsequently, he was shown the future 100 years of Nigeria.  

In this book, James presents startling prophecies, and shocking revelations of the spiritual causes behind major events in the country since 1990. He gives prophetic messages to Nigerian Christians, Muslims, ECKists, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Urhobo, Fulani, Edo, Ijaw, Igala, Nupe, Tiv, Ibibio, Itsekiri, Efik, Idoma, Itsoko, (and other ethnic nationalities), the youth, women, industrialists, and the president.