Named after King James I of England who was also King James VI of Scotland, an under celebrated master tactician and promoter of non-violent leadership who created the vision of a unified Great Britain, regarded as the patron king of America, who freed the rulers of Europe from external control, and gave the world the epochal and liberating King James Version of the Bible.


From the age of 12, James consciously studied leadership and what makes a few exemplary, while many appear ordinary, or fail at achieving set goals and happiness.

His research took him to the frontiers of mind-body-spirit explorations. He discovered that due to several debilitating factors, the average human being is operating below what he calls ‘installed capacity’. At birth, everyone is born with certain abilities, including extra sensory faculties, which if/when explored in a conscious and controlled manner, will give us the power and opportunity to achieve the most with efforts exerted.

Motivation, inspiration, psychology, philosophy, faith are vital in propelling us to achieve more, but, unfortunately, they do not give us the tools with which to increase our powers to achieve more.

James discovered the tools, some ancient and commonplace, others he formulated, which we all can apply to our life to enhance our access to the infinite ocean of resources that can assist us in achieving those higher goals of love, happiness, and enhanced productivity that we crave for.


These abilities are commonly referred to as the X-factor for success. They include, (but not limited to):

Pre-cognition (prophetic abilities)

Conscious Dreaming and Dream-learning

Magnetic Aura enhancement for leadership and relationship


Eidetic memory

Soul energy inducement (Summoning/activating inner powers to help achieve set goals)

Extra-ordinary intelligence and wisdom

Enhanced comprehension

Acute Intuition

Enhanced Mindfulness


Spiritual healing

Out-of-body explorations

Angelic interventions


While still in high school, James began to develop and apply certain techniques that gave him access to many of these abilities. Subsequently, he excelled in academics. He became a leader sought after by his mates and elders alike. He headed large organizations and created ideas that were novel, some leading to profitable businesses, others leading to selfless service to the community. In relationships he developed techniques meant for attracting the best of friends and lovers. The same techniques he used to meet his wife in the dream long before they met physically. Above all, he has been able to enter into a state of harmony within him and his environment which is the ultimate desire of man, to be happy in a sustainable manner.

For more than 30 years James has taught these techniques to others. Several thousands have benefited from these techniques. They have gone ahead to achieve greater happiness, creativity, love, general wellness, and spirituality. He has also taught the techniques in corporate settings and to community leaders with the goals of enhancing a more productive work template and a more peaceful, growth-oriented.

Some of these techniques are well laid out in his books See Your Future in 21 Days, Holy Book of Leadership, Nigeria, I Prophesy, God I Need A Lover! and others to be released in the nearest future.

They include, among others,


Nutrition for Higher Consciousness

Mantra/Sound Yoga

Creative visualization


Auric enhancement

21-Day Life Transformation Program (laid out in See Your Future in 21 Days)



All issues. No holds-barred. Race. Religion. Sex. Power. Money. Reincarnation. Environment. UFO’s. Extra-Terrestrials. Death. Love. Happiness. Guardian Angels. Spirituality.

Hosted by James, the 2 hour show is a creative blend of humor, music, motivational speaking, and practical application of mid-body-spirit techniques to help attendees overcome fears, anger, misconceptions, emotional and mental barriers. It is aimed at promoting racial harmony, gender equality, helping the individual to become more peaceful, more loving, more powerful, and happier in their private and professional lives.

Highly interactive, James, more than any other host, comes down to the level of the audience, rather than talk down. He carefully and gradually lifts the individual to a higher place.

Category: Ticketed Attendance.


Love, Money, Sex and Power

LMSP Workshops are interactive sessions designed to empower participants to assist them in achieving greater fulfillment in business, work, and personal lives. It is targeted at young and upwardly mobile participants. They are constructively engaged through creative assignments and constructive interactions that assist them to imbibe the principles and skills taught.

Category: Sponsored by KJLC


Demonstrating Exemplary Spirit To Inspire Noble Ideals

For years, James organized seminars bringing together achievers, who are role models, to share their stories with the attendees. These seminars are held in schools and community halls, parks, to propel students and out of school youngsters to aim for the highest ideals attainable.

Category: Sponsored


The KJLA offers specialized training during which participants are engaged in the concept and practice of experiential leadership leading to visible and measurable advancement in all areas of their lives. This training is ideal for large corporations, political administrators, business executives, media and entertainment practitioners, educators, and faith-based workers. The framework is laid out in Holy Book of Leadership.

Category: Sponsored


James gives special training to carefully chosen individuals and groups involved in sensitive ideation, and the development of products and services with great impact on the community. Movie practitioners, journalists, bankers, and other entrepreneurs have benefited greatly from these skill shops.

Category: Sponsored


Usually offered on a one-on-one basis between highly experienced trainers and the clients, this program guarantees the participant’s attainment of a more loving, creative, and productive life, irrespective of class or vocation. This program is offered only to leaders positioned to be of service to the larger community.

Category: On Special Request and Arrangement


For twenty years, these programs have been single-handedly funded by James, and well-meaning individuals and corporations. You too can lend your support either by donating money, and other resources, or by organizing one of these programs in your community, school, or corporation.

KJLC’s ultimate goal is to increase the quality of leadership at all levels on the planet, which will in turn produce a happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more prosperous life for all.

“Together we can increase the quality of leadership on the planet, which conversely leads to a more enjoyable life for everyone.” - Tosin James (I Am James)

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