Excerpts from Holy Book of Leadership by I Am James (Coming Summer 2019)





Leadership is not possible without a sound body and brain. A leader only leads others when s/he is capable of leading herself or himself. Nutritionists have avowed again and again that we are what we eat (and drink). This is sacred truth, and everyone desirous of the enviable position of a leader, much less an exemplary leader, must be a master nutritionist as it applies to his/her body.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, I will refrain from giving specific foods and drinks that should not be consumed. In Day Four of my book See Your Future in 21 Days, the intrinsic connection between body, mind, and Soul is clinically dissected, as it were. I will only reiterate here that the quality of leadership in the world is directly connected to the foods and drinks being fed the human body from birth. A lot of inorganically cultivated food and drinks are sold in the market. They look good, they taste great, they make the body grow well, but the brain quality of the consumer keeps dropping on a spiritual scale.

In addition, drugs such as excessive caffeine, cocaine, marijuana, tobacco, are tolerated by the society in one form or the other. These spiritually injurious materials bring a lot of money to the governments, and some corporations. But the adverse effects of their consumption go beyond addiction and death. The large part of the destruction wreaked by these substances is underground. They have found their ways into the veins, lungs, tea cups, and foods of millions worldwide.

Violence, intolerance, confusion, racism, poor management of resources, uncontrollable greed, wickedness, war, nuclear weapons experimentation, environmental degradation, cancer, ebola, diabetes, and several others are slowly but surely decimating the quality of life on the planet. And, invariably, leadership tumbles into the crypt.

On a second thought, I have decided to mention foods and drinks that I have given up over time and the reason why I did so. Cassava (tapioca/garri) was the first food I reacted badly to. I grew up on it, but at the age of 19 I had a scary experience eating it with mango while I was broke in the university. The combination almost blinded me. When I told my course mates about my experience, only a few were surprised. Many had had near death experiences with eating cassava. That got me thinking and researching. I grew up on the farm and I had planted, harvested, processed, and sold cassava in different forms since I was about 6 years old. So, I should know a lot about cassava, and I should have some love for it. But this nasty close shave with blindness, corroborated by others with even more scary tales, was news to me.

I found out that cassava contains cyanide, which can function as a deadly poison if consumed in a high dosage. I also found out that when harvested in the afternoon, the cyanide level rises to a very highly potent level. I remembered that while on the farm, my dad never harvested cassava in the afternoon. It was always at dawn. I guess this wisdom came from somewhere in a misty past where the Spirit revealed vital life secrets to the priests and farmers in the interest of mankind. But now, because of commercialism, cassava was/is being harvested at all times. To make it worse, the processing time (about three days), during which the cyanide was removed or reduced considerably, has now been shortened to one or two days.

I have stopped eating cassava products as a regular, staple meal. Once in a while I eat a little; then I watch how my body reacts to it. A few years ago, I stopped eating all yam and potato, except Irish potato. All dairy, all poultry, pork, yeast, regular intake of caffeine, carbonated drinks, okra, snail, are foods I have given up. There is nothing wrong with the items on this list, as long as they do not interfere with your physical, mental and emotional health. In those regards they are incompatible with me, but you may not have the same reaction to them, as I do.

How to tell if a particular food or drink is good for you? You have to be watchful. Every time you eat, watch your energy level in the next to three hours. Are you stronger, happier, calmer, or you feel moody, distressed, restless, irritable, get angry easily, or your dreams are unusually crowded with negative images and nightmares? If so, then take a closer look at each of the items on your plate. Study the effect of each one on you, over a period of time. Don’t be quick to conclude, judge, or condemn a food or drink. Be thorough in your experimentation.

Foods, drinks, and exercises are meant to help build your body in such a way that the higher Creative Powers can flow through you unadulterated. They are meant to contribute to your sense of well-being. If the contrary is what you get from consuming any item, throw it out, no matter how delicious, or how much you love it.

As the world population increases, and the desire for the good life increases, unfortunately the quality of leadership decreases, even though the need for leadership has increased. Therefore, the world is in need of exemplary leadership, more than ever before, if humanity will be rescued from self-destruction.

Anyone desirous of exemplary leadership must prime their body and mind to function well. What you eat, drink, and breathe into your lungs must be carefully selected. In addition, exercise the body on a daily basis. If you do these things, you can use your body optimally.


Once the body is well primed, the leader needs a sharp mind and memory, otherwise, what’s the purpose of having a top-notch performing car without knowing how to drive it? The mind of man right now is under-utilized. There are still many levels to the mind that even the geniuses have not begun to mine. The deeper humanity can make progress into the utilization of the faculties of the mind, the easier it will be to solve and resolve the knotty issues of health, environment, agriculture, governance, transportation, mortality, etc.

You, as an exemplary leader must be ahead of humanity in this endless exploration into the natural resources we call the mind and the memory. Most people find studying quite hard. Their level of comprehension is low. And when they comprehend, they have a harder time remembering.

A word is necessary here about the format of education on this planet. Right now, education is still in its infancy, no matter how far along man believes he has come. For instance, what is taught in schools is more or less a regurgitation of what has been repeated and has become bland over a long period of time. To the creative Soul, the current system of education is boring and repetitive. A genius or better put, a more creative individual, may find it uninspiring and such a person may find it hard to comprehend or remember. Such an individual may not be the teacher’s favorite.

In the future, as we plough along in the field of experience, mankind will begin to transform his system of education. A more creative system (as revealed in my book, The Book of Prophecies: Terra Nova 2020-3100 AD, is to find a way of transporting the individual, metaphorically speaking, into the core of their being, where they can bring forth the knowledge, wisdom, and inventions they have come to the world with. Every Soul, before coming to Earth has developed talents and skills, both in their previous lives on Earth and existence in other realms. Usually, coming to Earth is a mission of giving and receiving: to give what we have within us, and to receive from others. Unfortunately, the system of education attempts to cram into the heads of the individual, information that originates from outside them. That is good, but it is a one way road. There must be an avenue for the individual to contribute, to create, to apply novel ideas, concepts and wisdom from Higher Sources. My Life-Transformation techniques help the individual to take that journey into his expansive universe, tap into the knowledge and innovative ideas found there, then apply these to their personal and professional lives. The individual becomes more fulfilled; and the society will transit to the next level of greatness.

Here, I share with you secrets of the mind and the emotions. First and foremost, to learn anything, put attention on the pictures, images, sounds that are attached to the topic. Cooking, for instance, is not just a word. It is rather a process in which certain materials are blended, put in a pot, mixed with water, and placed on fire. When heated and blended as desired, it is dished into a plate, served on a table, eaten with spoons, forks, or hands. It is very easy to remember the process of putting these various components together, though you may find it harder to remember the words and terminologies used to describe each of the items and stages of the process.

So, to understand a topic, listen for the sounds that accompany the practical application of the subject. See, in your mind’s eye, the process, from one stage to the other. Imagine you are present where it is taking place, or that you are the one carrying out the action. The key steps are: subject, object, and action, which is the movement of object (or concept) by subject (person or machine) to achieve a determined goal (result). Everything in life that is conceivable follows this pattern. While doing so, it is producing sound, creating images, and moving from one stage to another.

One of my personal techniques for comprehension and memory, especially when I was in school, whenever I am learning a new subject, is to take a walk down the garden, or farm, or ride the elevator, in my imagination. As the information is being heard I see images from it as objects or persons or events I am encountering as I walk along. Later, whenever I want to review what I’ve learned, all I do is repeat the walk in my imagination. As I am walking, the words, thoughts, concepts, and understanding flow easily from the memory bank into the conscious mind.

In class in the university, I didn’t take down notes while the lecturer spoke. All I did was to draw images on a page in the notebook. Later, in my hostel room, I would take a look at the drawings, which were largely abstract, and, voila!, all the words of the lecturer would come to me. Of course, my colleagues thought me weird; a few thought I had mental problems. Others would joke that I was suffering from a psychic spell cast on me by some enemies. Far from the truth; I just knew innately that the mind and memory function in the realm of imagery, composed of light/colors and sound/music. Objects and subjects are solidified light and sound, moving from one stage/location, to another, which creates time and action.

The other technique you can use is to imagine you are the one standing at the podium giving a lecture, rather than being the audience listening to a lecture or reading a book. Most times, the mind and memory go into a hiatus when Soul is not the active participant in any event, situation, or a job. That is why many people sleep off in class or in church. They have moved into the passive mode which Soul forbids. Every Soul is the Lord or King of Its universe. Being lectured or taught or directed, or commanded is antithetical to Soul’s active nature. So, to bypass that shutdown that comes from being put in a passive situation, imagine you are the one in charge as you are reading or listening to a lecture.

This is applicable to all situations, whether it’s your lover telling you about all they did from morning till night, or your boss giving you a lecture, or Professor Long Nose expounding some archaic theory, or Bishop Squeaky Angels delivering a homily, or the angry, disgruntled customers or citizens giving you a dress down. Once you put yourself in the driver’s, or experiencer’s mode, it’s easier to understand, appreciate, and also find solutions to any challenges involved in that situation.

You can evolve your own system. But colors, sound, and movement from one stage to the other are the key elements to focus on.

If you apply this technique to everything you do, becoming an exemplary leader is a sure bet. Your rate of comprehension and your memory, your understanding, and your expanded awareness, which goes beyond what you have heard or seen, will be astounding. You are travelling deep into the uncharted territories of your personal universe. Great discoveries await you every time you take the journey.