james wilderness


After getting to the peak of his career as a journalist, becoming an Editor, working in the bank as a Manager, writing popular columns in the national dailies, conceiving, anchoring and executive-producing a popular talk shown on Channels Tv, Nigeria, writing the Movie-of-the–Year (Abuja International Film Festival 2006), conceiving and running an advertising and pr agency, distinguishing himself as a fine scholar, serving as national president of NUTASA (Nigeria Universities Theatre Arts Students Association), he was instructed to quit his social life, to embark on a monastic life which would take him through several towns, villages, and states, staying alone, contemplating and communing with the Guardians by a lake, river and in the woods


Between March 2010 and 2017, he became a modern day monk. He gave up all his worldly possessions including his car, bed, furniture, and electronics to journey into the unknown. During this period, he committed himself to chanting of Holy Words, contemplating the works of Divine


Spirit, talking with the Guardians and Masters. He abstained from his regular sumptuous diet and abstained from sex for the most part.
During this period, he wrote 10 books. A few have seen the light of day. These include The New Gospel of Jesus, The Last Book of Moses, The Book of Prophecies, God, I Need A Lover!,Nigeria, I Prophesy, and lastly See Your Future in 21 Days. Many of the books appeared in public for a few weeks before he withdrew them for later release.


By June 2018 he has published See Your Future in 21 Days (first edition 2014 and Second Edition, 2018). The book gives easy to follow techniques that can be applied by everyone for prophecy, conscious dreaming, enhanced creativity, healing, wisdom, meeting Guardian Angels, spiritual protection, getting a better job, finding a better career, finding the right lover, or partner, and above all enhanced spirituality, freedom and power.  


There were thousands of apparent miracles reported by those who have read the book and applied the techniques.
In 2015, the Guardians introduced him to his future wife, Vivian. They got married exactly a year after the wedding ceremony was conducted in the spiritual realm. They had been relating for almost two decades in the dream world but they never communicated physically until November, 2015 after the wedding took place in the dream world in October, 2015. They had been living on two different continents but were always meeting in the dream world.


James and Vivian have been of help to so many people desirous of finding true love and happiness using spiritual techniques.




James has this to say:
“After I escaped death in February, 2010, I knew I was wasting my life chasing shadows and trying to live the life of another person. I took some time out to reflect on my life and why I wasn’t really happy with what I saw around me, the people, my colleagues, my job and relationships. I also knew I would likely drop dead in a short while if I didn’t stop or change course.


I decided to give up everything, leave Lagos, an overcrowded mega city with heavily polluted air. I knew I was less than the human I was created to be. So, I did the unthinkable. I gave out all my things and sold a few for which I could get buyers. I packed what was left in two travelling bags, with my computer, I journeyed to Akure, Warri, Port Harcourt, Ife, Benin, Ilesa, Okada, Oshogbo, Ota, Umuahia, Umuemenike, Enugu, Owerri, Owo, Akoko, Ondo. I enjoyed the company of strangers who became friends. I also suffered the rejection of friends who became strangers.


I was meeting with myself. I had to learn the Law of Economy the hard way. I learnt also that Soul exists solely because of God’s love, not because of the goodness or otherwise of a friend. A few times I remembered the famous words of Jesus, ‘birds have nests, foxes have holes, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.’ I was hungry. I fell sick. I was lonely. I was attacked physically and in the spiritual realms by the Dark Angel and his agents.


I spent my days and nights communicating with Masters, Saints, and Guardian Angels. In 2012, I began to be taken to places I had never been, where only few men have ever been. I began to understand the secrets of all life. I began to enter into the real Truth known as life.


I was labeled Akudaya by some villagers I lived with. In Yoruba mysticism, this is a living ghost, especially someone who dies prematurely then materializes in a far distant and remote place to continue living his former life, except that he wouldn’t have any contacts with his former family. The villagers gave strict instructions to their wards to stay away from Akudaya James. It was so laughable that I named myself Akudaya 1 of the Universe. This further scared them. I didn’t blame them for their ignorance, by the way. Seeing me without a wife, child, or girlfriend, or any visitors in more than two years in a row, was enough to scare the wits out of any normal family man. I found it amusing, but didn’t hold it against them.


During this time, I talked with animals, trees, devas, Masters, fairies, Angels, people from other planets. I was taken to the past of this planet. I travelled to the future of the world. I was then shown the importance of NOW. I began to put these secrets into words, into form that could be understood by the average person. Mind you, I wrote only what the Masters gave me permission to disclose to the public.


The full story of what happened to me in the wilderness cannot be told as at now. Probably sometime in the future the world will be ready for a little more truth. In the meantime, much of what I have revealed has never been released to the man on the street, the way I have revealed it.
It is my hope that the people will take these secrets and apply them to their lives, to enter into greater happiness and spread some of it to the world. The world surely needs this.”