I Am James is a Nigerian author, media practitioner, a former editor, TV talk show host and producer, playwright, award winning screenplay writer, former banker, motivational speaker, teacher, philanthropist, actor, and blogger.


Privately, for over forty years, he has been a teacher and keen researcher of what he calls ‘Life Transformation’ a practical application of spiritual techniques that bring sustainable happiness.


He is the author of several books on practical spirituality, the first being See Your Future in 21 Days, a practical 21-day program to help people receive Divine Guidance, prophecy, and discover true happiness. The book contains over thirty true-life stories illustrating the practical application of the program in the life of the author and several people who have applied same in their lives.


He has created a few initiatives for wellness, enhanced creativity, and happiness based on the application of spiritual principles and techniques that ultimately lead to higher level of productivity, social interaction, quality management and governance.


James was a carefree, happy-go-lucky man until he almost died in a robbery attack in February 2010. With two guns on him, held captive by four menacing men, he had to call on his Guardian Angel to intervene. He escaped without a physical scratch but with the realization that he was alive due to Grace. Subsequently, he gave up on his regular lifestyle to spend years in remote places he calls ‘the wilderness’.


During this period, he spent his days and nights in contemplation, communicating with the Guardians and learning the vital lessons needed for his lifetime mission. He wrote ten books while in ‘the wilderness’. They include, The New Gospel of Jesus; The Book of Prophecies (Terra Nova 2020-3100 AD); The Last Book of Moses; Love, Sex, Angels and Miracles; God, I Need A Lover! (1, 2,3); Nigeria, I Prophesy (100 years of Nigeria’s future) and See Your Future in 21 Days. As at the time of writing this article, only See Your Future in 21 Days, and Nigeria, I Prophesy have been released to limited audiences.

07 JAMES relaxed“Empower the individual spiritually and the community gains in love, peace, and productivity,” says James


He is married to Vivian James (whom he met several times in the dream while in the wilderness). He has two daughters



His first hands-on spiritual training came from his father and mother. They were both born Muslims and were devoted. Late in life, after facing several setbacks and the inability to father a child, his father, Jimoh became a Christian. He married Sarat, at 17, who also converted to the new religion of her husband.


Beyond their religious affiliations, both parents were clairvoyant, telepathic, and enjoyed the gifts of conscious dreaming and knowingness. Sarat had had a few conscious out of body trips to the Heavens, starting from when her heart stopped while giving birth to James’s elder brother.


Coupled with Jimoh’s deep involvement with African mystical traditions, James was brought up in a household where a ready understanding of karma, love, forgiveness, giving, intuition, prophecy, telepathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance were commonplace.

From the age of 3, his parents recognized his intuitive and prophetic abilities. He later put these to use in the classrooms, on the farm, in church, and in relationships.


At the age of 6, he mandated his father to give up smoking and drinking. When his father refused to obey the instructions of a little child, James perfected a ploy to sneak into his father’s room when out of the house or when sleeping, with the mission of smuggling the cigarette and tobacco casings, which he would soak in water or bury in the garden. This set him against his father who was very strict and would not have a little child sabotaging him. James suffered several beatings with some of these producing broken bones and a bleeding nose.

After about a year of the cat and mouse drama, his father caved in and gave up tobacco and alcohol.


06 JAMES greyFrom the age of 9, James took interest in spiritual, mystical, metaphysical, and religious phenomena. He went on to take special interests in Lobsang Rampa’s books, Krishna Consciousness, Tibetan Buddhism, Hiduism through the Bhagavad Gita, The Summit Light House, AMORC, The Grail Message, Freudian and Jungian psychology, Pentecostalism, Sufi Islam, the Quoran, The Aetherius Society, and then Eckankar.


Privately, he applied himself to the practices of all these groups and religions. From about 6, he became conscious of the presence of Masters, Guardian Angels, and other spiritual personalities in the physical and in the spiritual realms. His physical life began to transform. He was being trained by the Masters in his dreams and he kept a journal of his inner experiences as instructed by the Guardians.


Physically, he used to communicate with these mysterious and mostly invisible beings on the farm, or in the orchard at the back of the house. He identified distinct fragrances that accompanied the presence of some of these beings.


He began to seek the mysterious Holy Spirit, Divine Word, or Logos, as spoken of by most of the Saints, Saviors, and Masters from the dawn of history. One of these beings, who identified himself as Paul EK and regularly came in the dream or while in meditation, asked James to read and meditate on all the Holy Scriptures and report back on what he found most fascinating in them.

“The appearance of God, either as Light or Voice,” he reported back to Paul EK. “And I want to have the experience.”


This request was followed by the direct waking instruction given him by one of the beings on a Saturday morning in February, 1984. This led him to the Holy Spirit Crusade organized by The Assemblies of God and the Baptism of Fire in which he saw one of the Guardians appear to him, touch his forehead with a short rod. He was instantly bathed by the Fire, starting from the top of the head, spreading down through his whole body. He screamed out of the pain brought on by the contact with the Holy Fire. The sounds he uttered were sacred words from a faraway language. A few days later, he had a repeat of the same experience. Subsequently, his awareness, understanding, and intuitiveness 09 Monkey Nutsmultiplied. He was a changed person.


He lasted barely two weeks in that church, being directed by the Guardians to move on to the Aetherius Society Church which was founded by George King, a Master of  Eastern Yoga working with Guardians from Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. He acquired certain disciplines and learnt how to access the Holy Fire more readily. A year later, he was directed by Paul EK to attend an Eckankar Seminar taking place at his University. Prior to this day, he had never heard of Eckankar, neither did he know anyone who was a member.


It was at the Eckankar function that he saw for the first time the photos and artistic impressions of many of the spiritual personalities he had been relating with for more than 12 years. Many of these are known as ECK Masters in Eckankar but are equally known by different names and titles in other religions from across the world. The Catholic Church calls them Guardian Angels; Islam calls them Malaikas; while Hindus and Buddhists call them Gurus and Sat Gurus.


James has helped several people to tap into the hidden resources lying dormant within them. He strongly believes the individual can perform better when they are able to reach within and tap into these God-given resources. He created and coined Life - Transformation, a practical application of spiritual techniques and principles to live a more productive, healthier, and happier private and professional life.